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Microblading in Charlotte, NC

Helping you look and feel your best is our priority.

We help you meet the best Microblading estheticians in Charlotte, North Carolina. Whether you are looking to book your initial consultation or get an annual retouch our doors are always open.

Want to really make a lasting impression? Our Charlotte microblading website is filled with useful information about permanent makeup and how we can create fabulous results for you. At your consultation appointment, we will sit down with you and discuss the shape of your eyebrows, how much hair you want (or not), and how dark you’d like for them to be. We’ll go over the process and put your mind at ease. Find out more about this permanent cosmetic procedure, the costs associated with it, and all of the totally amazing benefits that come from having it done at our Charlotte microblading clinic.

You can check out our blog for tips and tricks to help you choose the best treatment to keep your eyebrows in check!

Best Microblading Estheticians in Charlotte NC

Beauty by Suki

Suki has 6 certifications in the beauty industry. She has been trained by international and well-known academies such as PhiBrows, Five Star Academy, and Beauty Angels Academy: Kler Rosenberg. She also has over 200 reviews from her happy customers!

Microblading by Gina

Gina is one of the newer Microblading artists in Charlotte. She has some great reviews on her Yelp page too!

Miss Brow

Miss Brow has over 15 years experience in the beauty business. They have over 60 reviews on their Google busisness page with an average of 4.9 stars! For this reason we are very happy to showcase Miss Brow as one of the best Mircroblading Estheticians in Charlotte.

Nue' Brows to Brazilians

Nue Brows are located on East Blvd and has some of the best reviews on Yelp when it comes to eyebrow treatments.

Beauty Studio by Andrea

Andrea Herrera the owner of Beauty Studio by Andrea seems to be very popular in North Carolina. She has a great looking website where you can see some of her work and learn more about her qualifications and skills.


Heather Bell has been providing eyebrow treatments in North Carolina for over 15 years. She is recognized as one of the more skilled estheticians in the city.

Lash and Brows by Jenny

Jenny Nguyen of Lash and Brows by Jenny has nearly 500 reviews which average at 4.9 stars on her StyleSeat page. Her prices are very affordable and we can see why she is in such high demand.

Envy Permanent Makeup

Microblading, Combo Brows, Powder Brows, and more. Envy Permanent Makeup specializes and provides a long list of beauty treatments.

Kess' Sleeping Beauty

Kess has over 150 reviews on their Google Business Page that average at 4.9 stars. They are part of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals and take their client’s safety seriously.

Learn more about Microblading and other semi permanent make up

Difference between eyebrow lamination and microblading

Why do people get semi-permanent eyebrow treatment?   You may be wondering what's the difference between eyebrow lamination and microblading. Both procedures aim to produce the appearance of beautiful, shaped, and semi-permanent eyebrows, but they do differ in...

Microblading healing process

What is the Microblading healing process? Microblading healing process and aftercare is the routine that you will follow to ensure your eyebrows remain clean and heal in a way that produces the results desired from your treatment. This process includes cleaning your...

Microblading vs Eyebrow Waxing

What is Microblading and Eyebrow Waxing?   Microblading is a semi-permanent method for enhancing eyebrows using a hand tool with a blade formed from tiny needles. In contrast, Eyebrow Waxing is a painful but long-lasting way of shaping your eyebrows, and it is better...

Microblading removal

Microblading removal aims to remove the pigment from a microblading procedure by breaking it down and letting the body absorb it or extract it from the skin. Most microblading fading methods rely on skin shedding to eventually allow new non-pigmented cells to emerge....

Microblading scabs coming off with pigment

Don’t be alarmed if you see your microblading scabs coming off with pigment; This is an entirely normal part of the microblading healing process. When your esthetician has completed your microblading treatment, you will undergo an aftercare and healing process. You...

Microblading vs Microshading

Today we will learn about the differences between Microblading vs Microshading. Both procedures are semi-permanent eyebrow makeup.  Our eyebrows are one of the most visible features on our bodies and are one of the first things people see. That is why we have...

Microblading Blonde Eyebrows

Microblading has been very popular recently, and the number of clients booking into estheticians is growing every year. Microblading blonde eyebrows have become one of the most popular eyebrow treatments for blondes. Blonde eyebrows have been notorious for working...

Microblading Certification

How do you become a certified Microblading Artist? Like any skilled profession, being a microblading artist has some special training and certification requirements. You will gain your customer's trust if you prove you have been fully trained and qualified to provide...

Different types of Microblading

Since Microblading has been introduced we have seen an emergence of newer, bolder and more sophisticated eyebrow enhancement techniques. Microblading has provided us with a semi permanant solution that fits the criteria that so many of us long for. Hair problems are...

Microblading Pricelist

Microblading is becoming more and more popular. How much should you expect to pay for a microblading session or full treatment? Here we will discuss with you the typical microblading pricelist.  As we know, Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup that uses a hand-held...

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